Do not worry, we are running late on the FortressCraft Release of the Hub. The Server Is being Developed and will gladly accept developer to help develop FortressCraft. I am almost done with the Hub and it is looking great. We are also gladly accepting Builders. If you would like to apply for Builder and/or Developer please send a message to one of our staff on the Server Discord. I am not going to be accepting Staff at the moment as we have not released the Hub. We are accepting suggestions for any and all of the servers. If you have any questions just connect to the server discord! (

The Hub will be released Friday, May 3rd at 2:00 AM CST

Thank you for all of your support with FortressCraft!

- Insqnity

Welcome to the all new FortressCraft Website!

Whitei520 has been developing this website for the past couple of days now. He and I both hope you will enjoy your stay and become a regular member of our server.

Our server Shop has now been implemented and global Punishment page is now live. Any donations would really help us grow.

If you would like to ask any questions and learn more about our new website feel free to Private Message me.

Join our server today at: (1.8.8+)

MrSoloHD & Whitei520
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